A Tribute to Stan Lee

This week, we were asked to write a tribute to Stan Lee for creative website Little Black Book. You can read our contribution as well as those of a number of other creative industry folk on this link, but if clicking’s not your thing we’ve helpfully cut and pasted our tribute below. RIP Stan.

It’s very hard to talk about working in comics without mentioning Stan ‘the Man’ Lee. In a sense, Stan was the pusher of a gateway drug that leads to harder stuff. Ask around and everyone has that story, the one where they picked up their first comic, maybe on some holiday in an airport or in a grimy newsagents that had this imported American stuff.

Our generation wasn’t as fortunate as today’s (they said sounding old) – comics were on the periphery of culture – but there were still a few recognisable titles we all gravitated to. Spider-Man was one of Stan Lee’s greatest achievements. He wrote a relatable outsider kid that suddenly gains incredible power, more importantly, he struggles with that and it’s compelling even to readers today.

Stan the Man implanted important messages into fantastic settings and it changed comic books. As writers we too try and enhance the human aspects of fantastic tales. It’s as important to us as it was to Stan. It’s very hard to even think that he is gone, but there is so much of him out there in the DNA of our culture. The power of comics is Magick. EXCELSIOR!