The Our Land process

We’re almost at the midpoint of issue #1 so we thought you might like a little peek behind the scenes to see how we put a webcomic page together…

We start, of course, with a script. All four issues of Our Land are already written and sitting safely on our google drive, but we like to revisit each page before Joe starts to draw. Here’s what Page 8 looked like when we were done writing it:


This page is all about the relationship between Kasa and Sheriff Kirkwood. He fought in the war with her Dad, and has become somewhat of a Father figure to her following his death. It’s quite a ‘talky’ page, but contains lots of important exposition and character development, so it’s over to Joe to figure out how to bring it to life.

First, he does some roughs (including lettering) which we feed back on and sometimes make small dialogue tweaks based on how things are flowing:

157fccfe-c2c1-421a-93d5-e3ef2b1e4f0c (1).JPG

Once we’re all happy with how the page is working, Joe moves on to inks:

0ab8f93b-9432-4faa-bed5-dd6c9b8ad8b1 (1).JPG

And finally, colour. Joe does all his colouring himself, which makes releasing a new page twice a week all the more difficult. Luckily, we have a great flatter, Rob Cloma, who helps speed up the process.


As if that wasn’t enough, Joe had an extra task for page 8… designing the Dunn’s Donuts logo. It’s a small background detail, but we wanted to show just how difficult life is for Kasa when even the donuts are racist!


We spent a lot of time debating what the Dunn’s logo looked like and how far we should take it… after researching 1940s logos and mascots we landed on this ‘cute’ but offensive image of a cheeky Native American stereotype holding a donut tomahawk.