Written by Matt Fitch and Chris Baker
Illustrated by Mike Collins
Coloured by Kris Carter and Jason Cardy
Lettered by Ian Sharman
Published by SelfMadeHero

Apollo is a full length graphic novel recounting the story of the first men on the moon, unpacking the urban legends, gossip and speculation to tell a story about life, death, dreams and the reality of human kind’s greatest achievement in exploration.

Press for Apollo:

“The moon landing is one of the most well-documented events in human history, but it’s reimagined here in a way that makes it feel new again. Lovers of space-race lore will want to pick this up.”
-Publishers Weekly

“Conveys surprising depth and emotion, as well as rich historical details of the era.”
-Scientific American

“A book that demands to be read in one go.”
-William Rycroft, Waterstones

“A revelation… truly wonderful from beginning to end.”
-ComicScene UK

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